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But why weren't we told exactly what the DOI was investigating? The oft-overlooked Newsday noted—on page 50!—that a health care company that Erazo was involved with was dropped from a city contract after an investigation. Erazo also heads the Nassau County Medical Center; two years ago, a Nassau County comptroller's investigation found that Erazo had repeatedly ignored standard contracting procedures. In one instance, he allowed a contractor to perform a service for years without submitting a competitive bid; once it was made competitive, the contract went to a different bidder.

One charge—that Erazo used a county hospital employee to perform hundreds of hours of his personal work—was referred to the Nassau County District Attorney for a criminal investigation. If that was worth reporting in 1995—and both the News and Newsday thought it was—it certainly seems relevant to mention when Giuliani tries to rush Erazo's appointment onto a city board.


  • Two titles were garbled in last week's column on the Daily News: Dee Murphy was the metro editor when she left earlier this year, and Rich Rosen is the paper's deputy managing editor. And one follow-up: after days of being unavailable, National Enquirer editor Steve Coz began saying last week that he was "flattered" by reports that News copublisher Mort Zuckerman wooed him to edit the News, but he won't be taking the job...

  • Newly arrived Esquire editor David Granger can hardly be blamed for trying to blow some life into the mannequin magazine left him by his predecessors, the obvious motivation behind the October story that semi-outs Kevin Spacey. But isn't it odd that the same magazine that earlier this year killed a piece of fiction by a prominent gay author for fear of offending advertisers now finds it perfectly acceptable to toy with is-he-or-isn't-he rumors? On the cover no less?

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