Setting Fire to Offensive Ideas

No Exceptions in the First Amendment for Bigotry and Racism

What Sheldon Hackney did was to say that black students can't be penalized for acting against their "nature." Now that is racism!

One person was punished after the theft of 14,000 papers. He was a guard at the university museum. His crime: he tried to stop a band of students, their hands full of stolen newspapers, from running away. He was charged with "overreaction."

Nearly everybody in the law faculty at the University of Pennsylvania criticized the president for his cowardice: "This was a violation of freedom of thought and freedom of dissent and freedom of discussion, silencing those with whom they disagree....This is a direct denial of the university's basic mission."

Next week: My interview with the dean of students at Cornell and a soft-shoe dance by that university's president. Also: feminist vigilantes on campus.

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