Year of Living Digitally

Most Typical Flop: Wolff New Media Like countless Web projects, Wolff New Media got big long before the market could support it. Expecting monster online advertising revenues, the company ballooned up to 40 people, developing just two Net lifestyle sites, and the listings guide NetClock. Staffers were soon asked to take a salary deferment to keep the company afloat. Needless to say, the company went belly-up, and last we heard, Michael Wolff is writing a book about his experiences in the industry. Expect it to be short.

Signal and Noise

  • Kitsch on Command: After interviewing 1001 Americans about their tastes in art, ex-Soviet artists Komar and Melamid produced the most and least wanted paintings according to the stats. "Painting By Numbers," based on their book by the same name, debuted at last week, and the results are pure schlock, a hilarious tour through our worst aesthetic impulses. In general, Americans prefer "dishwasher sized" landscapes (67 per cent) with wild animals (51 per cent) in their natural setting (89 per cent). You can find all of Komar and Melamid's research at surveyresults.html...

  • After multiple attempts to get off the WWWAC listserv, a frustrated Alley denizen spoke for all of us last week when he posted, "Please unsub me as i am going on vacation to go snowboarding. if i am lucky, i will stay there forever, and i will ride and ride and ride, and never have to look at another computer again."


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