Now that the week is over, the organizers have decided to keep the site live in some fashion, but there will be no lasting coalition. "We wanted the JWW to keep with the way the Net developed--grassroots, with no monolithic organization, and we aren't setting out to create one either," says the event's codirector, Martin Kaminer. will continue to grow, however, and Don already has a backlog of almost 100 stories to post. Her biggest obstacle is the fact that she's doing it all by hand. When asked about how she'll manage, she invokes her grandmother again: "How we survived was miracles."

Signal and Noise

  • NameSakes: Microsoft announced it is scratching content offerings on MSN and, as usual, dumping its staffers. With names like "@Watercooler," "Mauny's Kitchen," and "Forever Cool," the titles were tombstones to begin with...

  • Everything and the Sink: March at performance space The Kitchen is packed with interactive music and dance for "Techno Passion Month." Thursday, dancers from Troika Ranch take the stage, covered with sensors that modify the music and video images...

  • I'll Take the Time Phone Over the Slate Umbrella Any Day: Online mag Slate ( starts charging March 9 (Monday). Deathwatch begins March 10. Paradigm shift begins March 11...

  • CopySource: E-mail operates on a principle of well-intentioned theft: the copy/paste instant distribution of press releases, news updates, and panty-share pyramid schemes are how most of us stay informed (and distracted). But once stripped of its authors' names, the traffic is nothing short of counterfeiting. Last week's "Tao of MSFT" haikus that appeared in this space were actually the product of a contest by Salon magazine, though I had received the stanzas without attribution, through e-mail. Salon editor Scott Rosenberg's thoughtful consideration on the banditing of the magazine's source material ( rose/1998/02/ 24straight.html) is well worth a read--as are the hilarious original versions, written by Salon's readers (who were credited).


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