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But the beauty part is that you'll never see the ad twice. Rather than spam it out across the Web senselessly, Davis's campaign paid Alley company DoubleClick to serve up the ad only to Web surfers in New York State and to show it one-time-only on 250,000 machines. DoubleClick identifies a computer's location by using its IP address, which tells the system where a Web surfer is coming from. Then the system slots the ad into Web pages on DoubleClick's network of affiliated content sites (like AltaVista Search and U.S. News Online). Davis paid $2700 for a captive audience of a quarter million.

Besides a small campaign to publicize a class-action suit in California in 1996, says DoubleClick CEO Kevin O'Connor, Davis's banners are the first politically oriented targeting that the company's done. Though the Net was awash with static political sites like in the 1996 presidential election, political advertising online never seemed to get out of the gate, likely because the targeting technology wasn't established yet. O'Connor's quick to add that he's not endorsing Davis, and he's open to all comers.

Signal and Noise

  • Snapshots May Kill You: What the hell is trichloroethane, what does it do to us, and why are there 136,772 pounds of it sitting in Brooklyn? With an exhaustive database of pollutants and polluters sorted by zip code, Scorecard (, launched last week by the Environmental Defense Fund, provides alarming pointers to all the crap in your neighborhood and links to recent news stories about it. Biggest single contaminator of New York? Eastman Kodak, up in Rochester, pumping 7,953,315 pounds of pollutants in 1995...

  • Sounds Great, But Where's the Chat?: As the first online financial service for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities, the Gay Financial Network ( debuts with a blowout party Friday at Metronome. The site, conceived by Walter Schubert (the self-proclaimed first openly gay member of the NYSE), will mix online trading and market updates from with political news from Human Rights Campaign and PFLAG...

  • Tuning Up: The producers of the annual Intel New York Music Festival finally got around to unveiling the band submission form last week ( No music samples requested, surprisingly.


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