Police Brutality and the Mayor

The Cop Gave the Woman He'd Assaulted a False Badge Number

Also in the Mollen Commission Report, there is this insider's description of what would happen to a civilian going to a precinct to report a cop's brutality:

''The Desk Officer would give the complainant the paperwork to fill out. Then the complainant would ask him for a pen. The Desk Officer would tell him, 'Listen, there's a bodega across the street, go there and buy it...'

''Then if the complainant needed any help with the complaint form, the Desk Officer wouldn't help him. Then if the person went through all the aggravation to fill out the complaint report, they'd tell him, 'Listen, we have to get it typed now. There's a waiting line. It's going to be about three hours, so sit right there and wait.' Half the time people would leave. As soon as they left, the Desk Officer would crumple up the complaint and throw it right in the garbage.''

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