Satori in Queens

In testament to the rising quality of work, the second annual Digital Film Festival (, a spin-off from the now defunct Low Res Film Festival, will unveil its first online film competition on June 1 (submissions are currently being accepted at the site). Organizer Bart Cheever believes that the artists--and the technology--have finally developed enough for the format to be taken seriously. "In desktop publishing, first you had people trying to make traditional magazines on their computers, and then you had David Carson and Kyle Cooper," he says. "With MIDI, first you had people making conventional music and then you had drum and bass. It's an open petri dish right now."

Signal and Noise

Evidence: Michael Moore is a master at making people make idiots of themselves. His Web site ( offered fresh outtakes last week from The Big One, specifically an interview with Nike CEO Phil Knight about the high incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome claims by workers in the Nike factories. Knight dismisses the claims, saying, "I mean basically it's like whiplash of the wrist."

  • Who Knew Gumby Even Had One? Invoking the "spirit of Gumby," Art Clokey, president of Prema Toy company and creator of Pokey and Gumby, officially withdrew his company's trademark infringement complaint against 12-year-old Chris Van Allen, webmaster of Allen recounts on his site that, in a phone conversation with Clokey, "He said I did what Gumby would have done about a problem like this."

  • From R&D to A&R: On May 1, total-solution-providing Web-design-house-of-style Razorfish will release its first recording project, Polydemic (, by Brooklyn instrumentalist Ticklah. With such high ambitions, I'm sure we can expect their own clothing line soon.
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