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Desperate for elaboration, I cut ahead of the line of people buying books from Christina at intermission ("She really wants to sell books," an official told me), and tried to briefly query her. Suddenly, she became Joan Crawford. "I'm doing this right now," she said, blowing me off with a withering look, "and then we're showing the movie, and then afterward . . . " Yeah, afterward she was hosting a party at Life, and it's lucky I didn't schlepp there because she didn't either. I was mad at the dirt—I didn't get any.

And let me be a mad diva for a few more seconds—I'm doing it for me!—and rag about the T.W.E.E.D. theater company, which just asked me for large donations via a flier that unfortunately also happened to say, "The Voice hasn't reviewed anything we've done in years, but who cares about the Voice anyway?" How charmingly duplicitous. Besides, I recently did a lavish write-up of their production of The Women (starring Lypsinka as, yes, Joan Crawford), which I'd also favored with a cameo performance, and another time I wanted to give ink to a show, but they (wisely) told me it wasn't for review yet. Hey, I'd write you guys a check, but I'm doing this right now.

A gooder request arrived—to went to a Liz Smith? cohosted gala for Literacy Partners, which were really klass (kidding—it was). But oh, what the hell, three more divas: First, this weekend in town, screen goddess

Illeana Douglas is marrying TV producer Jonathan Axelrod, whose stepfather George wrote The Seven Year Itch—but let's not mention that at the wedding, OK? The event promises to mix classic Hollywood types with young 'uns like Parker Posey and actor Craig Chester, who's especially thrilled. Craig told me, "Jonathan's that rare show-tune-loving straight guy that we're all looking for."

And kudos to that progress-loving straight woman, Diane Sawyer, who really nailed it to her ABC boss on that PrimeTime Live segment about Ellen, though he pretty much hung himself with that used-car-salesman smirk and remarks like "[She] was gay every single week!" And our last diva is Mary Tyler Moore, who I hear didn't come back for act 2 of High Society. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt, though—maybe she thought it was over.

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