Blacks Who Won't Give Back

'KKK Oscar Awards' parody African American Self-Hatred

"The whites love it when I laugh and denounce my own people. They even rub my head and call me different from those other blacks. That's why I'm the only black you see in the company pictures...They use my black face to show the government that they are equal-opportunity employers, and they even win awards for having my black face...I promise to protect my company like a pit bull to prevent another black from being hired. Some people ask me, how can you sleep with yourself at night? I simply say very easily, I have a job, you don't."

One of the more endearing characters in the film is the black TV personality and journalist "Jerry Matthews," who sees himself as a skilled propagandist for the white man.

"We use propaganda techniques to discredit liberal whites and minorities," he says. "We use words such as anti-family, anti-God, family values...I love it when I can ruin a life or a person's career. With that kind of power I'd discredit my own mother. I'm not stupid. I know that America is run by one group of people, and that's these people right here [referring to the KKK members].

"Mr. Pete has several million secret members that run the newspapers, television, [and are] judges, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. I'd rather be their slave than a black man's equal. My job is to manipulate and redefine whatever a white liberal or minority would say, no matter how true or enlightening their words might be...

"I use fear, stereotypes, and I focus on people's past history. Things that have nothing to do with the issue at hand...These efforts are essential to maintain a one-sided viewpoint. I make you hate the people who are being oppressed and love the people who are doing the oppressing. I exclude representatives from civil rights and public-interest groups. Let's face it, I work in the media, which is overwhelmingly conservative [and dominated by] white males, and if I don't report the news the way they see it, I won't have a job."

Butler maintains that every day blacks cop out of their social responsibility to help other blacks. As she travels around America, she says, she continues to encounter blacks who consciously or unwittingly recite what she calls "The White Pony Pledge of Allegiance."

In the film it goes like this:

"I promise to die for the white man to stay in complete power.

"I promise to turn my back on other blacks, that are suffering and in pain.

"I promise to lie and destroy my people when they try to achieve their goals.

"I promise I will never vote.

"I promise to believe whatever the media says, without any question.

"I promise to denounce all black leaders that fight for people's rights."

Research assistance: Linda DiProperzio and Andrew Robertson

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