Next Frontier

Hanrahan hopes the project will "challenge the perimeter of the art world" by including voices from homes for the elderly, depressed neighborhoods, and psychiatric hospitals. The itinerant artist, who carries the thousands of gestures with her in a suitcase, has traveled to Germany, Romania, Italy, and the former Yugoslavia collecting them. In one of the more intense spot-anthropology sessions, Hanrahan asked the male patients at a psychiatric home near Rome to contribute. "I gave one guy 300 bills to distribute to the rest of them and he said, 'Come back in 15 days,"' she says. "When I did, he had done all 300."

To keep the machine stocked, Hanrahan has placed submission boxes in galleries and cafes in England and the Netherlands. In retooling the ATM to mete out bits of planet news, Hanrahan hopes to reinsert human experience between us and our money. 'I wanted to stop people and make them think, 'Hey, somebody made this."'

Signal and Noise

  • Working Stiffs: In the wake of Wired's purchase by Conde Nast, a bicoastal group of writers (and Hotwired alums) have started Moxie, an e-mail newsletter about life in the trenches of new media. Intended for content developers, the biweekly looks at intellectual property rights for writers, the effects of the Drudge suit, and drafting contracts. E-mail join-moxie to sign up....

  • Monopoly Money: Stealing a page from the Hollywood Stock Exchange, the new Invisible Hand Electronic Market game ( mixes pop culture speculation with the mood of a bull market. You can trade $1 contracts (for free) on everything from Ray of Light's chart potential to Microsoft's browser ubiquity. The audience is so far cautious--most trade at around 50 cents...

  • Lab Mice: CyberLab East, the pet project of cellular phone company Ericsson, finally opened last week at 55 Broad, outfitted with six local networks, multiple T3 lines, and ergonomic furniture. Entrepreneurs looking to use the space must pay, but charges are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Something tells us it's not going to be cheap.


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