Photographic Memory

Signal and Noise

  • Over Worked: Lisa Kohl invested more than $100,000 of her own money over the last two years to create as a resource for everything from weight loss to legal defense. Now she could use some help of her own--executives from MacDonald Communications & Conferences, the company that owns Working Woman, Working Mother, and Ms. magazines, want her URL (they already have a Web site at In the wake of and's success, she's trying to fend them off with an online publicity campaign in her defense. To get involved, copy and paste the protest logo from her site to your own…

  • StopGap: At his NYU commencement speech last week, Al Gore announced the creation of, a long-overdue "opt-out" site to let people remove their names from direct-mail lists and prevent personal information from getting sold to data-miners. It's not clear how it'll be enforced, but fingers are crossed...

  • Anxiety Society: Ergonomic chairs, yoga, self-help books--the $9.4 billion industry of ameliorating our anxieties is in a boom cycle as long as it keeps convincing us we're broken. Last week, 21 students at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism launched an exhaustively reported e-zine about the anxiety economy, Stress Inc. (, as the final project in a Web publishing class. Unfortunately, because it's a student effort, it's also a one-off...

  • Horny: Online music retailer N2K launches in high style, with a tribute concert featuring Buster Williams, Wynton Marsalis, and George Duke (among others) at Birdland on May 26. The company's jazz site,, will host the cybercast. Those looking for a little more of the atmosphere might want to check the live broadcast on WBGO Jazz 88 FM at 7 and 10.


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