Opening Windows

  • AuthorHood: The new literary e-zine Planet AUTHORity ( will post one poem every day, one story every week, one book review every month. Regularity is the real strength. So far, though, the work has been middling. The best piece yet is a Q&A with author Russell Banks

  • Call It ToothWare: First came the Think Interactive Bars, with a computer window and keyboard on the wrapper. Then, WebFuel ("Cool Mints Cool Sites"). And now a company called OddzOn (a division of Hasbro) has created Sound Bites, a holder for lollipops that plays music only the sucker can hear ($9.95). Candy companies must figure that since technology is everywhere else, it might as well be in your mouth

  • Missing Deadlines: The long-awaited launch of New York Today (, the New York Times's foray into the online market for local city guides, was slated first for late January, then for last week--yet the site is still just a placeholder. Dan Donaghy, general manager of the service, says the delays were caused by adding new features and the site will be up June 16.


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