Señor Stereotype

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Signal and Noise

  • BodyProject: This winter, Mikhail Baryshnikov danced to the pulse of his own heartbeat. Dawn Stoppiello, codirectorof the technically ambitious dance company Troika Ranch (, ups the ante significantly in a solo duet with her own image--cued by body sensors--in this weekend's Vera's Body performance at Context Studios on Avenue A. The one-of-a-kind "MidiDancer" body suit isn't the only choreographic upgrade here: a video projector slides on a 24-foot-long track, and dancers schlepp TVs strung with bungee cords inside PVC-pipe cubes. Call 924-0077 for information...

  • Show & Tell: For a quick injection of local talent, check next week's "Demo or Die!" at the Bell Technology Group in the Puck Building. The semiregular showcase of multimedia projects will likely bore and blow your mind in equal parts, but there's no risk, really--the evening is free (e-mail to sign up)...

  • Web design projects, animation work, and interactive installations from the M.F.A. students at the School of Visual Arts will be unveiled Saturday (through June 17) at the "Dataphilia" show at the Visual Arts Gallery, 137 Wooster Street. For those overwhelmed by sunlight, crowds, or Soho (understandably), check the exhibition at

  • What Happened to Mothra?: The Times said the F/X were crappy, the Net zine Salon ( said they were terrific--you decide, frame by frame, when the folks behind Godzilla's special effects walk through the rampage for the public at the McGraw-Hill Auditorium Thursday. It's part of the American Museum of the Moving Image's excellent series of special-effects postmortems. Call 718-784-4520 for details.


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