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As time went on, I had one eye closed as I watched the Alig-supervised carnival acts at the Limelight--a girl humping an amputee's stump, a guy drinking his own pee--and half-listened as Alig enthused that he'd nabbed doggie-porn videos and a dollar bill a guy had masturbated into. I promoted his refreshing rudeness, but wrote that his style is "as adorable as it is menacing--like a cute little dolly that ends up biting your head off."

Well, the history continues. In March, Alig--whose duo-in--self-defense account of the killing is straining insiders' credulity--wrote me a 10-page letter from jail asking for a recommendation to give the judge in the Limelight case, in which Alig pleaded quilty to distributing drugs. He kvelled over the referrals he'd already gotten ("With all the negative press, even I was beginning to believe I was, deep down, a monster") and played his my-other-personality-did-it hand, which may be true, but thankfully that guy's in jail too. "When I first came to NYC," he wrote, "I was so utterly introverted and shy that, eventually aided by a few cocktails, I began to create my own character. I've built up this Michael Alig character so much that anybody who doesn't know me would never believe how truly fucking sorry I really am. The Michael Alig they've read about, the one who pees in champagne bottles, could never be too sorry for anything. He's too fabulous!";

Some time later, he tried again: "Everybody knows I've never sold a drug in my life. I've given plenty away to friends, but I've admitted that. Selling drugs is a serious matter....In other news, I can't wait to have to meet with Macaulay Culkin [whom producers are trying to get to play Alig]! The first thing I'll teach him is how to kiss. He's gonna have to kiss a lot of boys in the picture, so I'll have to show him my moves." Alig also noted that he's situated right next to Freeze, his partner in crime, "and we play $20,000 Pyramid with the entire floor. I make categories like 'Items Used in Gay Sex'; and 'Dirty Words'; just to watch the boys squirm and blush." Still him.

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