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Speaking of dragging away, I love how Eddie Murphy's hoping to downplay that driving-the-drag-'ho, I mean home, incident as he promotes various "family films," but in Mulan, a/k/a Yentl Chow Mein,he's the voice of the dragon (or is it draggin'?) whose main goal is to get the cross-dresser home!

The AFI's 100-greatest-movies list wasn't a total drag, but there are too many "family films" and I'm horrified to find that Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is supposedly better than the unranked Touch of Evil or Sullivan's Travels! And did no one gay vote on this? Where the fuck are The Women, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Funny Girl, A Star Is Born (I hear another thunderbolt), and Valley of the Dolls?

Finally, in the worst real-life movie of all time, Daniel Auster, the son of renowned author Paul Auster, was the other person in the apartment when Michael Aligand Freezeoffed Angel Melendez. He was never charged with any involvement, but there's more texture to this story. One insider alleged last year that Daniel told three versions of the murder, one in which he heard about what happened, another in which he saw it, and yet another in which it was premeditated and performed by the threesome (this last version had Angel being tied up in his sleep, followed by smothering, a hammer, and Drano). What's more, Alig's longtime cohort James St. Jamesnow tells me that the very first account Alig gave him of the killing had Alig, Freeze, and Auster all doing the Drano stunt (though James isn't totally convinced of this version--and both Alig and Freeze have said that the fourth person in the apartment wasn't involved). Last time I wrote about Daniel, he and his dad didn't return calls, and two weeks ago, when St. James approached Daniel for a comment, he said maybe they could talk later at Mother (where he didn't show) and added that his parents were sending him away for the summer and he couldn't be reached. Take it away, Lorna: "The night gets bitter. . . . "

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