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Anyway, the premiere itself was extremely novel and fun--a smelly, but enjoyable bring-your-own-creature extravaganza in Riverside Park, replete with pet psychics, animal hairdressers, and dogs sniffing each others' butts (and by the way, I saw one hyperactive canine sniff a ferret's, so I guess they don't discriminate). Dolittle's director, Betty Thomas,told me the tiger was the hardest animal to work with because it sprayed, but overall, "Most of the dogs learned how to talk on cue and the guinea pigs learned how to dance." Alas, they have very little fashion sense.

The fashionable movie du jour, Buffalo 66, has a lot of animal charm, but it's getting way too many 10's from the critics. The flick has Vincent Gallo extorting affection out of Christina Ricci, obsessively instructing her to pretend she loves him, and in fact (don't read this if you haven't seen it), it turns out she really does! Because he's so darned marvelous! What's more, Gallo pulls the very same trick offscreen; you'll remember that in his recent Voice dialogue with Ricci, he repeatedly coerced her to say how fabulous he is. Aren't I great for pointing that out?

And I'll even serve up a final bonbon to merit the praise. A certain woman who once married a bold-face personality in this column demands to be called Mistress [first name] by employees, but she should really be called Mistress Parking Tickets, as her vehicle was recently towed for nonpayment of a whole pile of them. And she's giving me attitude?

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