NY Mirror

Visiting Mr. Green hasAnderson looking for a match and finding it in the curmudgeonly bigot whose attitudes and eating habits he struggles to change. I felt très young watching him do so; most of the audience looks like they'll soon be visiting Mr. Reaper. "They talk all through it," laughed Anderson. "Today, when Hal said, 'Who is it?' I heard a woman in the audience say, 'It's the fagele.' " And it was!

It was also Anderson who came out of the door--of the closet--with a big splash at the '96 GLAAD Media Awards, and he doesn't regret that move at all. "My work's a lot richer because I'm not hiding anything," he told me. The actor--who's had a lover for over a year--doesn't cover up his views on gay hot topics either. "Boredom leads to self-destructive behavior in the gay community," he said. "Promiscuity, drugs, circuit parties. I can't be a saint in this issue, but when you come out of all that, it's so empty. It's not even as satisfying as eating an ice cream cone." As for the Gaultier cone? ready muscle boys (look at those breasts!) who would like to see semen, he said, "Everyone in Chelsea looks the same--the same facial hair, the same shirts with no sleeves. But, while I used to be afraid of people who were too 'faggy' and also of the muscle guys, I discovered that once you get comfortable with yourself, you can enjoy other people and their differences." Goshers, I might have to try that sometime.

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