Be More Than You Can Be

The military is using molecular technology to produce super soldiers

Part of that edge will come from the private sector, whose participation is ensured by the Technology Transfer Act, which encourages partnerships between the military and industry. Since army strategists predict that future battles will occur in urban terrains, their research is relevant to civilian law enforcement, and SSCOM works with agencies like the San Francisco Police Department and the FBI. Nano-technology will boost surveillance to an unimaginable degree. One expert from the conference asserted that terabit computers will allow police to track virtually everyone as they move through their daily lives. Welcome to The Truman Show.

In the conference's final day, one participant asks a taboo question: With the capabilities of nanotechnology, has anyone considered how it will destabilize the world? The room is silent. A few people sneer. After a minute, someone else raises his hand to ask a question, totally unrelated. The conference moves on. No one has even tried to give an answer.

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