Big Stick Willie

What was gained by last week's bombing spree? No one knows.

"It raises questions," says Walker. "I mean, you could walk into one of hundreds of pharmaceutical or chemical plants in the U.S. and accuse them of producing precursor chemicals. Maybe there was intelligence about shipping stuff to Iraq or Libya, but the real question is, what proof is there? So what if the president says there was 'convincing evidence' -- I've heard that before."

Indeed, according to a report in the London Independent, if chemical weapons were being produced there, the authorities aren't worried about anyone finding anything in the aftermath: "There is no sign of anyone trying to hide anything," wrote the London Observer's David Hirst on Sunday. "Access is easy. Much of Khartoum seems to have come to take a look. Women in long bright dresses, and even high heels, pick their way through the mud and jump across roadside gutters to get a closer view. Most stare in what seems to be disbelieving silence."

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