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Building the Electronic Future Out of LEGO

The zine clearly knows its beat--and its audience. In his sly gossip section "Chic Happens," contributing editor Horacio Silva asks the haunting question, "Why is it so hard to fill Gloria Baume's position as Senior Market Director at Marie Claire?" It's gotten to the point that mainstream fashion mags are trolling Hint looking for tidbits (Carter checks his logs to monitor the deluge of traffic from Condé Nast and Raygun). "I can't comment" on them cribbing ideas, Carter says diplomatically. "But it doesn't bother me as long as I'm one step ahead."

Signal and Noise

  • Carlos Manzano, candidate for the City Council on Manhattan's West Side, loudly presented himself on the WWWAC listserv last week in a message titled, "NEW MEMBER." The new media biz "is of great interest to me since I have been involved with the internet industry for the past two years," he wrote. "I would like to hear your ideas and suggestions. PLEASE send them to my campaign email: VOTE@MANZANO.ORG." I'm sure any hate mail or spam will go back to his direct address--the one listed at the top of his email: CManzano@ix.netcom.com...

  • Hackluster: It's gettting harder and harder to tell good old electronic malfeasance from next-generation marketing. Last week, MTV.com was hijacked by "J.F.," who scribbled the pages with "shoutouts to milw0rm, VaporRub, and Dave D. in Secaucus." As it turns out, "J.F." is actually Johnny Fame, who will be covering the MTV Video Music Awards for the site. "We wanted to introduce him to our audience in a dramatic and medium-appropriate way," channel spokeswoman Caroline Mockridge told the Silicon Alley Daily news-letter (which misspelled his name as "Jonny Fane")...

  • Ear Harvest: As part of The Downtown Arts Festival, experimental arts organization Harvestworks (www.harvestworks.org) opens the eclectic exhibition "Screens and Memes" this week with some of the city's most acclaimed interactive artists, including VR pioneer Jaron Lanier and QuickTime filmmaker Zoe Beloff. A live, Net-based music concert on September 19 will weave sounds from six performers (like DJ Beth Coleman and accordionist Pauline Oliveros) in three separate locations into a single mix streamed over the Net at the Harvestworks site. The acoustic jam session may turn into a regular gig--the group expects to do six more broadcasts, with varying artists, over the course of the next year. The show runs September 10 through 19 at its studio at 596 Broadway, Suite 602.
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