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''When the press release for Stupid Kids likened the play to Dawson's Creek, there I was in the front row, ready to applaud the acne.''

I doubt that the new Psycho will be quite as methodical and brilliant, but Leigh won't attack the remake, and feels the press exercised a touch of evil when they exaggerated her remarks about it. Says she, "They asked me, 'Are you going to go to the opening of the new picture?' I said, 'Well, no.' They immediately wrote, 'Janet Leigh won't go to see the new Psycho because she's so upset!' But my reasoning was that this is their night. To go to the opening would only dilute their project. I have nothing to do with it." It's not that she's mad about it—she wouldn't hurt a fly.

She's never seen the work of Anne Heche, who's playing her doomed blond character Marion, "but I've heard she's very talented. I don't know the boy, either [Vince Vaughn], but I gather he's very talented too. And I've seen [director] Gus Van Sant's work, so I know he's talented."

And we know that Jamie Lee Curtis is talented too, but, um, er, is it true that she was multitalented at birth? I mean, um, er, did she need someone to sing "Boy, You'll Be a Woman Soon" as she went through some early transformation? I mean, um, er, how did those silly rumors start, the ones saying Jamie Lee was born a, you know, hermaphrodite? (I'd rehearsed this question all week, by the way, even planning the calculatedly carefree giggle that accompanied it—though my delivery was thrown off a bit when the Voice photographer plugged up her ears and said, "I'm not going to listen! I'm not going to listen!") Ever the lady, Leigh laughed with me. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe it was the name. At that time, we didn't know ahead of time if it would be a girl or a boy, so when I was pregnant with Kelly, my best friend Jackie Gershwin said, 'Why don't you call the baby Kelly, so if it's a girl, it works, and if it's a boy, it works?' And she thought the same thing with Jamie. The babies were named before they were born because Jackie said, 'This way, we won't have to worry about it!' " Janet Leigh—all woman, all diva, all star—thank you for indulging this big-town stupid kid. May you never have to come across a motel, a shower, a director's daughter, a remake, or that question ever again

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