The 'Partial' Ploy

How the antichoice campaign against a nonexistent procedure threatens Roe

  • Limiting young women's access to abortion (and family-planning services): Sometime this week, the Senate is expected to vote on the Child Custody Protection Act. The House has already passed a similar measure, which would make it a crime for anyone other than a parent to take a young woman across state lines for an abortion if the home state requires parental notification.

  • Meanwhile, in a bold push into the contraceptive realm, the House Appropriations Committee passed a bill that would require parental notification for teens seeking birth control from clinics that receive federal Title X funding.

  • Maintaining restrictions on abortion at federal facilities: Senators Patty Murray (Democrat-Washington) and Olympia Snowe (Republican-Maine) tried to lift the current ban that prohibits women in the military--and dependents of men in the military--from getting abortions at military facilities overseas, even if they use their own money. No luck. The Murray-Snowe amendment was voted down 49-44 in June. A similar bill in the House proposed by Rosa DeLauro (Democrat-Connecticut) was also defeated this summer.
    Senator Rick Santorum: gruesome details, outraged tones
    AP/ Wide World
    Senator Rick Santorum: gruesome details, outraged tones

  • Blocking funding for medical abortion: In June, the House voted to prevent the Food and Drug Administration from using government funds toward the testing or approval of RU-486 or other drugs used to chemically induce abortion.

  • Denying U.S. funding to international family-planning groups: In April, the Senate passed a bill that withholds federal funding from family-planning programs overseas that lobby on abortion issues with their own governments--even if they use their own money to do so. House Republicans have attached this "gag rule" provision to the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill as well as to a bill that would provide funding to the UN.
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