At Each Other's Throats

Political retribution in Harlem in the wake of the Million Youth March

Conrad is even thinking about transforming the screaming revolutionary, Erica Ford, into one of his warrior legislators.

"We need to put Erica Ford in the city council--85 seats come up in 2000," he noted. "Hell, I would even support, if he chose to, which I doubt if he would, the fiery and controversial Khallid Muhammad to run for Congress--to make some of those fiery speeches on the floor of the Congress. . . . We in the 'hood making fiery speeches, which is good 'cause you gotta educate the community. But I'm saying, 'Let's take it inside the House! Upset the House if need be!' "

Conrad: May challenge Councilman Bill Perkins
Michael Sofronski
Conrad: May challenge Councilman Bill Perkins

Research: W. Michelle Beckles

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