Malcolm X vs. Khallid Abdul Muhammad

Malcolm: 'I'm Not Against Jews. I'm Against Racists.'

What Khallid Abdul Muhammad stands for is utterly contemptuous of the kind of black unity that Malcolm X was trying to create at the time he was murdered at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. His body was destroyed, but not his spirit.

There is now a Manichean struggle between the liberating clarity of Malcolm X and the destructive teachings of Khallid Abdul Muhammad. In his August 25 Voice piece, Peter Noel quotes a black analyst who prefers not to be identified:

"Khallid Muhammad is a personality, and movements are also built around personalities… Since Farrakhan has been moving his Nation of Islam more mainstream, the nationalist movement has no rallying figure of its own.

Malcolm X
AP/ Wideworld
Malcolm X

"Khallid has a definable image… He's star quality."

When the character and content of Malcolm X's life will still be reverberating, Khallid Muhammad's "star" will have long since faded into the dust of demagoguery.

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