The Glitterati Attack Ken Starr

When the President Perjures Himself, Is He Above All Laws?

Does she also trust the way this president treats the long line of women he has used and discarded, like so much soiled underwear? That's not an impeachable offense, but under equal protection of the laws, as mandated by the Fourteenth Amendment, maybe it should be.

I do concede that Clinton's chutzpah knows no bounds. When he appeared recently at New York University Law School, Clinton said--as reported in the September 23 New York Post--that it is his Republican enemies who are threatening the Constitution by their relentless pursuit of him.

This is the president who has eviscerated the right to habeas corpus, thereby increasing the possibility that innocent men and women will be executed because--with few exceptions--they now have only one year to persuade a federal court to review their conviction or sentences. Since 1973, nearly 70 men have been released from death row after six or more years because they have finally been proved innocent.

Ken Starr didn't do that. Clinton is not fit to be president, and his felonies--perjury along with obstruction of justice--will lead to his impeachment.

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