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A Winter Movie Preview
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The 24-Hour Woman Nancy Savoca is back with this acidic semicomedy about a hot TV producer (Rosie Perez) whose carefully balanced life is turned upside down by the birth of her first baby. Savoca hasn't struck out yet; where's she been? Patti LuPone takes a rare movie role. January

Kiss Me Deadly A restored print of Robert Aldrich's strange and inspired adaptation of a Mickey Spillane novel. At Film Forum. January 1­14

Private Confessions Ingmar Bergman must have a closet of unfilmed scripts based on his parents' marriage, and here's the latest, after The Best Intentions and Sunday's Children, farmed out this time to Liv Ullmann for direction. January 6

Brothers, keepers: Paxton and Thornton in A Simple Plan
Melissa Moseley
Brothers, keepers: Paxton and Thornton in A Simple Plan

A Little Bit Of Soul Geoffrey Rush and Frances O'Connor star in this Australian comedy about an antiaging treatment. January 8

Arlington Road A glossy thriller about average schmo Jeff Bridges beginning to suspect that his new neighbors, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack, are... conservatives! Actually, they're ultra-con militia terrorists with a penchant for blowing up municipal buildings. Let's hope the families of the Oklahoma City dead appreciate the mileage Hollywood is getting out of the scenario. January 15

Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane Another dirt-cheap indie (costing about as much as a decent Yamaha) about losers on the road getting mixed up with the FBI and murders and comic noir fatalism. January 15

Barrabas A restoration of Louis Feuillade's 12-part 1919 serial. At the Museum of Modern Art. January 19­21

The Winners A documentary about four musicians who won the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Brussels between 1955 and 1976. January 20

Another Day In Paradise Larry Clark's downbeat outlaw tale is being touted as a film counterpart to Tulsa. Starring James Woods, Melanie Griffith, and Natasha Gregson Wagner. January 22

The Children Of Heaven Yet another Iranian film with children; this time they are a little too noble and well behaved to be believed. January 22

It Happened Here and Winstanley Two early films by film historian Kevin Brownlow. January 22

Dry Cleaning Anne Fontaine's film involves a French couple who visit a gay nightclub to spice up their lives. January 29

Mighty Peking Man The notorious 1977 Hong Kong giant-ape epic Hsing Hsing Wang gets an overdue psychotronic release here. Proof if you need it that we have just scratched the surface of HK pulp cinema. January 29

Peeping Tom A new print of Michael Powell's classic. January 29

She's All That A romantic comedy about a guy (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who tries to turn a shy artist (Rachael Leigh Cook) into the prom queen. January 29

Spanish Fly Daphna Kastner writes, directs, and stars in this Spain-set comedy about machismo. Also featuring Martin Donovan, Marianne Sagebrecht, and Rossy de Palma. January 29

Fever Pitch Hot Brit author Nick Hornby writes the kinds of books that take place almost entirely in their protagonists' sorry skulls, and so filmic translation is dodgy at best. Colin Firth stars in the first, a romantic comedy about a soccer fanatic's relationship woes. Late January

Series Business

"Cinema Novo And Beyond" At the Museum of Modern Art. November 13­January 21

René Clair retro At the Museum of Modern Art. November 20­December 13

John Cassavetes retro At the anthology. November 27­December 18

"The Lodz Film School Of Poland: 50 Years" At the Museum of Modern Art. December 18­January 10

"Spanish Film Now" At the Walter Reade. December 4­31

"Marcello Mastroianni And The Italian Cinema" At the Walter Reade. January 1­16

"The 8th Annual Jewish Film Festival" At the Walter Reade. January 16­28

Robert Bresson retro At the Museum of Modern Art. January 22­February 7

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