Loose Tongue Derails Senator Schmuck

Exit Polls Also Show Voters Think His Mamma's Sauce Sucks —Bastone

Having already blown 21 of his 34 mostly New York endorsements in his first four years in office, Rudy "Deathkiss" Giuliani roamed the earth this year, blessing the candidacies of Republicans from South Carolina to South Central L.A. Thirteen of his 23 candidates bombed, earning him the Mal Occhio (Evil Eye) Lens.

The mayor who last year tried to pass himself off as a nonpartisan, issue-obsessed statesman also picks up the Randall Terry Fetal Photo, a prize annually awarded to the nation's most hypocritical prochoicer. Seventeen of Rudy's 23 choices thought women should have no choice. But abortion wasn't the only issue taking a backseat to Rudy's hunger for the national stage. Most of his candidates opposed gun control .

One Giuliani-backed candidate was California gubernatorial loser Dan Lungren, described as Newt Gingrich's "ideological soul mate" during their dozen years together in the House. Lungren was one of a handful of House members to vote against Head Start, the Clean Water Act, and meals for seniors. So antiabortion, he even cosponsored the Human Rights Amendment, which would criminalize all abortions. Rudy's candidate for governor in Iowa, Jim Lightfoot, championed the teaching of creationism and voted against the Americans with Disabilities Act while in Congress. Matt Fong, the Giuliani Senate choice in California, gave $50,000 to the Traditional Values Coalition to help its campaign to quarantine people with AIDS in "cities of refuge." And the South Carolina GOP that sponsored Rudy's visit "considers homosexuality a lifestyle detrimental to the health and well-being" of everyone.

The mayor's endorsements make his beliefs as phony as his Sammy Sosa bat. —Barrett

rudy's endorsement/abortion stance
contested races since january 1, 1998

wins George Pataki, NY 1 Prochoice
John Engler, MI 1 Prolife
Tommy Thompson, WI 1 Prolife
John McCain, AZ 2 Prolife
Pat Toomey, PA 3 Prochoice
Lincoln Almond, RI 1 Prochoice
John (Jeb) Bush, FL 1 Prolife
J.D. Hayworth, AZ 3 Prolife
Bob Livingston, LA 3 Prolife
Vito Fossella, NY 3 Prolife

losses Ellen Sauerbrey, MD 1 Prolife
Jim Ross Lightfoot, IA 1 Prolife
David Beasley, SC 1 Prolife
Lauch Faircloth, NC 2 Prolife
Curt Pringle, CA + Prolife
Dan Lungren, CA 1 Prolife
Matt Fong, CA 2 Prochoice
Linda Lingle, HA 1 Prochoice
Gary Franks, CT 2 Prochoice
Alfonse D'Amato, NY 2 Prolife
Chris Mega, NY 4 Prolife
Glenn Yost, NY 4 Prolife
Douglass Prescott, NY 4 Prolife

Candidate for Governor (1), Senate (2), House (3), State Legislature (4), State Treasurer (+)

Well, the folks at the Human Rights Campaign sure do know how to pick 'em! After a protracted internal battle, the country's largest gay rights group voted to endorse D'Amato. Actually, it was the HRC's board—in a 15-7 vote—that chose to support the Fonz. Most members backed Schumer, who romped in the gay community. For instance, in Manhattan's 66th Assembly District, Schumer routed D'Amato by about an 8-to-1 margin. This Greenwich Village district was the first to send an openly gay woman, Deborah Glick, to the state assembly and provided Schumer with his biggest vote total of any city A.D. In recognition of HRC's misguided endorsement, we present the group's board with the Out of Touch Plaque and a global positioning system, so they are better informed when they next get the urge to veer right. —Bastone

Mort Zuckerman

The Voice has learned exclusively, relying on the latest in communications search technology, that the New York Daily News endorsed Alfonse D'Amato in the recent senate contest. The endorsement was so buried in the Sunday edition before the election that Sam Donaldson actually held up the cover of the paper on that morning's "This Week" and claimed that the News had endorsed Chuck Schumer. No mention of the endorsement was noted on the cover or even on the page with news stories about the campaign.

The headline on the endorsement, squeezed between a glut of department store and supermarket ads, was simply "The race for the Senate," and Alfonse wasn't explicitly endorsed until the last line of an 838-word editorial. The News also did not print its customary palm card of all endorsements on election day for fear of revealing that it had secretly backed Al.

Mort Zuckerman, the owner of the paper who reportedly ordered the stealth endorsement even after his dear friend Bill Clinton asked him to back Schumer, denied in a Voice interview that any endorsement had actually occurred. DNA samples, however, indicate that Zuckerman may actually have typed the original with his own hand. For making an endorsement like the fully clothed Clinton has sex, Zuckerman wins the Presidential Implausible Deniability Necktie. Here's what he told us:

Voice: At any time were you and Al D'Amato alone at the News office?

Zuckerman: I don't recall, but it's possible that he, while he was visiting there, brought something to me and that at the time he brought it to me, he was the only person there. That's possible.

Voice: If Al D'Amato says that while he was in the News office you patted him on the back, would he be lying?

Zuckerman: That is not my recollection.

Voice: If Al D'Amato says that after you wrote the endorsement the two of you hugged in the News office, would he be lying?

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