Yup: The one who has settled for bad threes ever since the line was moved in; the less explosive one the year after the knee surgery; and the John Starks with less muscle definition since the fat '91 contract.

Training hard to avoid injuries and a recovery of focus and desire might bring back "the old John Starks."

A.S. Baer
White Plains, New York


Re Paul Forrester's "Call of the Kyle" [November 17]: Kyle Brady is a key to the success of the Jets, but it is Vinny Testaverde's coolness and strength in the pocket that has made Brady successful and made the Jets a contender.

Hopefully, Tuna will fix up the running game, otherwise they'll be too predictable in a pinch. Up to this point they have been surprising, as Forrester points out, which is a big edge for a team with limited means.

Simon Gribben

Crying Wolk

Douglas Wolk must've been paid off by the A&R reps or managers of the artists he mentions as being the highlights of the CMJ Music Marathon in his "Built To Spill Over" piece in The Sound of the City [November 17].

I saw icu, whom Wolk calls "the biggest splash" at CMJ: they sounded like mathrock meets the big-hair bands of the '80s. How could anyone call this "thrilling"? There was no mention of acts such as Johnny Society or Furslide, the highlight of last year's CMJ, now on tour with Lenny Kravitz. And what about Helios? To this music fan, those three bands were the highlight.

Brooks Williams
Lower East Side

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