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  • Resurrections: The eight-week membership drive to save Brooklyn-based bulletin board Cafe Los Negroes (cafelosnegroes.com) from extinction ended last week in failure, $3000 short of survival. McLean Greaves, the one-man band behind the 1500-member community for "Afrosomethings" and Latinos, tried to salvage the site by asking for $10,000 in pledge support from the regulars. "It was amazing . . . it was the first time the site had generated cash," wrote MG in an e-mail. "On the other hand, the money we generated was anorexic compared to the uncompressed blobs of loot being bandied about by our non-negroidal counterparts in Silicon Alley." But the best part of the service won't vanish. Greaves has preserved the strongest member forum at digitaldownlow.com. He plans to make it a paying site. . . .
    Joyce Hesselberth

  • Openings: The folks behind the New York Exposition of Short Film and Video and New Media might have a slight problem with outreach to digital artists— only a handful of projects rolled in for selection. But rather than settle for the slim pickings, Kathy Brew, the new media curator for the festival (and head of downtown arts organization Thundergulch), broadened the Expo to include three nonjuried Web sites and one interactive movie. "akaKURDISTAN" (akakurdistan.com) attempts to create a collective testimonial for oppressed Kurds with photographs of unidentified victims and fragmented histories. Another CD-ROM in the show, "Residue" by Elizabeth Sisco, is a meditation on the death of her father. The exhibition is open from December 3 to 5, at the New School, 66 West 12th Street, room 404. A panel salon with the artists— for the digitally inclined, the strongest part of the festival— is Thursday night from 6 to 7:30 pm at Tishman Auditorium. For further info, call 505-7742. . . .

  • I'll Meet You at 1,438,750 O'Clock: Mergermania has taken hold, so Swatch decides to merge with . . . time. The company has newly branded "Internet Time" with a watch to go along. The idea is this: the day is divided up into 1000 "Swatch beats," one for every 1 minute 26.4 seconds. "Cyberspace has no seasons and no night and day," Nicholas Negroponte, founder and director of MIT's Media Lab said, in a prefab press release. "Internet Time is absolute time for everybody." It's for a better world where there are "no time zones" and "no geographical borders." What about no overtime?

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