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Jack Gallagher

Barebacked: You may not like yourself for it, but it's hard not to get a little...anxious...looking at the "hardcore furniture action" at high schooler Jesse Kave's porn site, where "hot, horny home furnishings get their freak on" (kave.ml.org/Ùkave/ furnporn1.html). In the "All Amateur Seating" section, Lance, "a virile, overstuffed armchair" gets randy with Debbi, a "horny pink baroque beauty." Kave went on to shoot photos of a lawn-chair ménage à trois and a leather recliner in a bondage scenario. The genius here is just how close the shots come to real porn, reduced to simple geometry. If it weren't so damn funny, you'd be convinced it was art...ECrowned: Design directors from MTV, Rolling Stone, Little Brown, and SVA judged the best work in new media for the nonprofit Art Directors Club, and last week the ADC released their list of new media "Young Guns." Though some of the names might be familiar, their creative work is always worth checking out. Try word.com and c404.com (Yoshi Sodeoka), bullseyeart.com (Josh Kimberg), day-dream.com (David Oppenheim), pictureprojects.com (written about in this space last week), volumeone.com (Matt Owens)...EDuped: Kudos to Salon for catching The New York Times falling for yet another another brilliant Net hoax. As Janelle Brown reported last week, a mid-November "Week in Review" article made merry with clumsy Cantonese translations of movie titles, e.g., Leaving Las Vegas translated as "I'm Drunk and You're a Prostitute" and The Crying Game as "Oh No! My Girlfriend Has a Penis!" Except the titles came from a Letterman-knockoff humor site, The Top 5 List (topfive.com). The Times wasn't alone—NPR also got taken...ESpoken: Expanding the brand, the "Web Writers in the Flesh" reading series continues with a "Ladies Night," featuring reporter Pamela Parker (from the @NY newsletter), poet Alison Dorfman, and, of course, cartoonist and hostess Xander Mellish (xmel.com). It will be held at 678 Broadway, 2nd floor, on Wednesday,
December 9, at 7:30.

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