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Injured Giant Jason Sehorn speaks his mind

As for that future, Sehorn had a few thoughts on improving the team for 1999. Not surprisingly, the 27-year-old California native said he would definitely look for offense first in next spring's college draft, perhaps in the person of a feature running back. "But it depends on where we end up," Sehorn said of the college prospects. "It looks like we'll have a [mid-round] pick. That's not really high enough to get the best players, but it's too early to take someone who'll take a while to develop. We need someone who will make an impact right away. We need to make some changes here and there to spark the team."

No matter what changes the Giants' brass decides to make in the off-season, Sehorn is confident that he will return to a winning team in '99. Placed on the injured reserve immediately after his injury, the target date for his return to action was never in question. "All along, I have been taking the path that would have me back playing football in July. From the beginning, the Giants have wanted me to heal properly and get the best product they can back on the field in 1999," he said. "To use the alphabet, if A was my surgery and Z is returning to the field for training camp in July, I would probably be at about H right now," explained Sehorn, who ran drills without pain for the first time two weeks ago.

But as Sehorn spends most of his early mornings riding a stationary bike and walking the Giants Stadium steps, his teammates continue to work toward making the playoffs, a goal that seemed unlikely prior to Sunday's stunning win.

Monday morning cornerback: Sehorn gets carted off in August.
AP / Wide World
Monday morning cornerback: Sehorn gets carted off in August.

"When you're winning your sixth game in December, it's tough," said offensive tackle Roman Oben. "But when you're a young team, you need a certain confidence boost. We can't do anything now about not being able to pull out the games we should have won earlier in the season, but a game like this can make us feel better about our season. It's definitely something we can build on, for this season and for next season. Whether or not it carries us into the playoffs this year remains to be seen."

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