Photo Finish

Photographs By Robin Holland

Two Coney Island photos from Bruce Davidson's Brooklyn Gang

Vegetable Marrow Long White and Ornamental Gourds from Charles Jones's Plant Kingdoms

Two images from Fazal Sheikh's The Victor Weeps of Afghan children born in exile

A spread from Wolfgang Tillmans's Burg including Jason in Skatepipe

1998's Top 20 Photography Books

1. Brooklyn Gang
by Bruce Davidson (Twin Palms, $60)

2. The Victor Weeps: Afghanistan
by Fazal Sheikh (Scalo, $49.95)

3. Burg
by Wolfgang Tillmans (Taschen,$29.95)

4. Jacques Henri Lartigue,
Photographer (Bulfinch, $95)

5. Man Ray: Photography and Its Double
by Emmanuelle de L'Ecotais and Alain
Sayag (Gingko Press, $65)

6. Vik Muniz: Seeing Is Believing
(Arena, $65)

7. 1989­1997 by Bill Jacobson
(Twin Palms, $60)

8. When We Were Three: George Platt Lynes, Monroe Wheeler, and Glenway Wescott 1925­1935
(Arena, $65)

9. Unfinished Dissertation
by Boris Mikhaylov (Scalo, $45)

10. Pages From the Glossies
by Helmut Newton (Scalo, $75)

11. A History of Photography
by McDermott & McGough (Arena, $65)

12. Julia Margaret Cameron's Women
by Sylvia Wolf (Yale, $49.95)

13. Plant Kingdoms: The Photographs of Charles Jones
by Sean Sexton and Robert Flynn Johnson (Smithmark, $24.98)

14. Terry Richardson
(Hysteric Glamour, $75)

15. Francesca Woodman
(Scalo, $39.95)

16. Miguel Rio Branco
(Aperture, $45)

17. American Musicians
by Lee Friedlander (D.A.P., $49.95)

18. Maroc
by Albert Watson (Rizzoli, $75)

19. School
by Robert Coles and Nicholas
Nixon (Bulfinch, $35)

20. Alvin Langdon Coburn 1882­1966
(Edition Stemmle, $60)

—Vince Aletti

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