Screen Grab

Alley company puts the ''multi'' in ''multimedia''

These Web developers consider themselves artists, just like the filmmakers behind the series at Ocularis or Collective Unconscious. But they may struggle to find a significant audience strictly online. Jaime Levy, an animator and head of Electronic Hollywood (, is now shopping the pilot of her animated serial CyberSlacker to television. "I'm sick of making shit on the Web that hardly anybody sees," says Levy.

Ocularis At Galapagos Bar 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, 718-388-8713

Collective Unconscious, Robert Beck Memorial Cinema 145 Ludlow Street, 254-5277

Cinema Classics 332 East 11th Street, 675-6692

Cinema Village (adding two screens), 22 East 12th Street, 924-3363

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