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At Limelight, my friend was screaming 'Tacky!' through our entire five minutes there, but the place was surprisingly mobbed.

While I utterly empathize with the kid's grieving mother, by the way, her attempts to point fingers and assign blame reek of Carroll O'Connor's public efforts to find "the killer" of his son recently. Responsibility is a way more complicated issue than that.

On a much lighter note, I'll be solely responsible for these gossip quickies: James Collard, the newish editor in chief of Out— where I hear there's been some unrest— is on a three-month leave of absence. Henry E. Scott, the president of Out Publishing, Inc., told me that Collard is taking care of "personal business." . . . In more uplifting career news— for her, anyway— disco queen Donna Summer is the next one in line to get the comeback treatment à la Cher. She's nabbed a big-time recording contract, and they "Believe" in her. . . . Bill Murray, who never went away, looked especially friendly with his Rushmore costar Olivia Williams last week, though I could be imagining things. . . . Here's something more certain: Madonna— yeah, her again— has asked steamy Steam star Alessandro Gassman to appear with her in Max Factor ads. . . . And this is not just cosmetic: Rachel Campos, best known as the Republican from MTV's The Real World, is the front-runner to replace Debbie Matenopoulos on The View.

The surreal world— a/k/a/ the Metro Guide channel— turns out to serve helpful advice like, "If you're the type of person who has a problem with cussin' or same-sex kissing, Rent may not be for you." Oh, really? Fuck you! . . . And finally, same-sex cussin' and lots of other juicy stuff turn up on the most fun shows on television— Behind the Music, Where Are They Now?, and Before They Were Rock Stars— three VH1 confessional documentaries that plumb with aplomb the sordid beginnings and endings of various pop icons. I never knew there were such riveting cautionary tales lurking in the likes of Loverboy and Stacy Q., but there are, there are. It's delicious— sort of like edgy pizza.

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