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The bloody trail of this year's fashion must

Yet there is no sign that the killing— driven by demand from the international fashion industry— will end anytime soon. "Almost from my feet, away to the north and east, as far as the eye could reach, were thousands upon thousands of doe antelope with their young," Captain C.G. Rawling, an early Western visitor to the Tibetan Plateau, was moved to write in 1903. "We could see in the extreme distance a continuous stream of fresh herds steadily approaching; there could not have been less than 15,000 or 20,000 visible at one time." According to Wright and Kumar's report, there were perhaps 1 million chiru as recently as a decade ago. At last count, fewer than 75,000 survive.

Research assistance by Vrinda Condillac

The vaunted scarf in action
Roxanne Lowitt
The vaunted scarf in action

At least three chiru are killed to make one shahtoosh scarf.
photo: ©Dr. George Schaller / WPSI

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