Clinton Wars

Kudos to Nat Hentoff for joining Christopher Hitchens as one of the few on the left who have not sacrificed intellectual integrity and independence to worship at the altar of the expedient and empty careerist Clinton.

After fearlessly bombing an aspirin factory in Sudan and compounding the extended misery of countless civilians with his attacks on Iraq, this conservative Southern Democrat boldly announces his intention to resurrect the ridiculous (unless you're a defense contractor) pet project of Ronald Reagan— Star Wars.

For this we dumped George Bush?

Robert Hiett
San Francisco, California

I appreciated the column by Nat Hentoff titled "The Trashing of Clinton's Women" [January 19]. I have always associated your publication with leftist ideologues, but a search of the Internet has revealed that you are the only present source on this. Truth is refreshing wherever it is found, especially in a sea of lies. I have new respect for your publication.

James T. Sullivan
Bridgewater, New Jersey

Spirit In The Sky

As a nuclear physicist who's been studying UFOs for 41 years and lecturing for 32 years at more than 600 colleges on the subject, it was a delight to see the rational, sensible article by Greg Sandow on the subject ['Mind-Body Problem," Mind/Body/ Spirit Supplement, February 2].

I have found in my talks that most people are willing to listen to factual information.

Stanton T. Friedman
Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

Thank you for Greg Sandow's article on UFOs. It's nice, for a change, to read a UFO piece in a major publication by someone who actually has researched the subject. I hope Sandow's article will be reprinted in other forums.

Christopher Schmidt
Tucson, Arizona

Every Witch Way

I enjoyed Carole Linda Gonzalez's "Honoring the Earth Mother: Where To Find the Right Witch" [Mind/ Body/Spirit Supplement] on Paganism and Wicca in New York. It was gratifying to see something on this most ancient of faiths that did not misrepresent it as Satanism or debauchery. It is indeed a powerful, experiential, devotional faith. I too am a member of the Fellowship of Isis. I was ordained in 1995. The Fellowship is developing a strong presence in New York not only with Reverend Judy Olson's circle, which was mentioned in the article, but also with Iseum of the Star-Eyed Warrior/Lyceum Sothis Stardescending in Astoria, the circle which I run. It is important for people to realize that we are not evil; we are practicing a faith that emphasizes love and devotion to Deity. Thank you for the enlightening article.

Reverend Galina Krasskova

As a lineaged witch, I could not help but jump for joy at Carole Linda Gonzalez's positive and uplifting article. In this age, it's people like Ms. Gonzalez who facilitate understanding of our belief system by mainstream society. Too many people still stereotype pagans, witches, and followers of alternative religious paths as wicked and evil— not the healers, naturalists, and spiritual leaders we really are. We are a positive religion, and Gonzalez did a fantastic job of getting that point across.

Luna Dragonhawkk
Columbus, Ohio

Saints Alive

Thanks for the article by Carla Spartos on faith communities in the greater New York area ["Practical Piety: A Guide for the Perplexed," Mind/Body/ Spirit Supplement]. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (read: a Mormon), I particularly appreciated the evenhanded treatment of my church, and felt that such treatment seemed to be afforded to all of the faiths represented. Bravo! It takes backbone to write about religion and its many adherents as something other than a curiosity.

D. Christian Harrison
Spokane, Washington

Down To Earth

Carla Spartos's information on the origin of the Roman Catholic Church in her article, "Practical Piety," is incorrect. During the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine I (307-337 A.D.), he adopted Christian belief and organized a state church. The Roman emperors in Constantinople had complete control over this church until the separation of Rome and Constantinople in 1054 A.D., when the Roman Catholic Church was created in Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Church was created in Constantinople. Jesus Christ did not organize the Roman Catholic Church, man did!

K.A. Clanton
Anderson, Nevada

Wider World

Carla Spartos's "Practical Piety" overview was interesting, but one oversight should be corrected— i.e., listing the current worldwide Islamic population at 1.1 million. It is, of course, more like 1.1 billion.

Doug Bayless
Provo, Utah

Civil Servant

Karen Houppert's discussion of contempt of cop ["Jailhouse Shock," February 2] was timely. I spent much of last year examining ethical conduct and civility by the Savannah police. I then helped train people who instruct officers in these areas. Police must have a high tolerance for verbal abuse, since they often deal with people in crisis.

While the focus is usually on what Houppert terms "how much abuse citizens are allowed" to give police, few look at the costs of not being civil. If we establish that you can demean officers in the name of free speech, we devalue the power of the police to use moral suasion and communication to deal with violent situations. We are already seeing incidences of police avoiding contact with certain communities because they feel they are not treated with respect or "nobody cooperates." This is a natural human reaction.

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