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Rose is all angles and bedroom eyes— a '50s movie bad girl, but one who should never be reformed.

If you want to really take the bloom off this Rose, though, tell her she looks like Sarah McLachlan. Someone dared to do that, and her response is, "Yeah, except I shave my armpits and I wouldn't be caught dead at Lilith Fair. Can you imagine the communal smell? It's just awful. Having hairy legs doesn't make you more free, only more ugly!"

As I pulled up my socks, a delivery came, and I cracked that it was probably drugs. "I wish!" she exclaimed. "I could use drugs more than anything right now! Not that I do drugs." She's hooked on Marilyn anyway. The girl with the unconventional background— "I was very much a Montessori child"— defends the rocker's alleged hotel-room trashing (mere hair dye on the wall, she says) and editor bashing ("That guy's a liar. No one touched him."). But the biggest misconceptions of all about this new Manson family are that they're really boring— "or that I'm his assistant in his satanic rituals. I'm no man's assistant!" She won't use the word fiancée either, but when I suggested "fuck buddy," she atypically said, "That's dirty!" I started sensing that, deep down, Rose McGowan is way more nun than floozy.

Before I left, the ice-cool vamp revealed that Marilyn— who's not bi, she insisted— proposed to her by running a bath surrounded by candles. "Some people are asking if this will be an end to our wild ways," she mused, "but now that it's the two of us against the world, it's a more united front and we can be more devilish." Uh-oh, lock up your bananas!

Finally, going back to— or maybe staying within— sexuality in the animal kingdom, I can quickly obliterate all those supposedly liberal commentators who say it's not that Tinky Winky's gay that they object to, it's the imposition of any sexuality on a kiddie character. Well, then, how come none of these jerk-offs blew a fit when Mickey Mouse released tension with Minnie?

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