A Snitch in Time

A Jury of His Peers

I felt my sympathy going toward him and at the same time I was afraid of him . . . As unbelievable as it seemed, I could still be up for sacrifice if Kazan knew I had attended meetings of Party writers years ago and had made a speech at one of them. — Arthur Miller

Kazan is one of those for whom I had contempt, because he carried down men much less capable of defending themselves than he. . . . — Dalton Trumbo, screenwriter

I'd rather not talk about [Kazan]. He was once my friend, my teacher. I've never been able to look [him] in the eye, nor he me. Because he knows that I know. — Martin Ritt, director

You look for forgiveness, you try to understand, but I can't manage it with Kazan. What he did was diabolical. And what he did afterward was diabolical— to try and reach and offer work to blacklisted people. He tried to corrupt them by giving them work and by doing so making them accept him. — Jules Dassin, director

[Kazan] was the most seductive man I had ever met. He made you feel wanted and cared for. He understood you and passed no judgment. . . . Once he talked eloquently to me of wanting to play Richard the Third, knowing the evil uses of charm. He would have made a fascinating Iago. — Walter Bernstein, screenwriter

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