A Doctor for All Peoples

He'd go wherever there was suffering

Years ago, I was in the hospital and had taken a turn that was not for the better. A nurse called my wife, Margot, who cuts through traffic like a cab driver. Minutes later, she saw Paul Esserman ahead of her on the way to my room. He had come from his home, which was much farther away than Margot's, but he was ahead of her, and she had to catch up with him in the corridor.

Paul was my doctor and friend for 26 years. At the memorial, Sandy quoted a Greek poet, George Seferis, who had been cited earlier in the memorial service by Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, this country's leading bioethicist and a friend of Paul's since medical school:

"The rich dwelling has fallen down, but its splendor lives in our memories." Added Sandy: "Paul's splendor lives in the legacy of trust he shared with me."

Paul Esserman
Paul Esserman
Paul Esserman

And with me.

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