He's Killing 'Em in Kosovo

Milosevic Moves as Administration Stalls

Dwayne Andreas, Michael's father, who founded ADM, has been one of the staunchest of the big Democratic contributors.

"The Andreas family, including Mick [Michael], have been extraordinarily generous contributors to every form of good cause, charitable organization, and community need," wrote Strauss in a letter, which was obtained from attorneys in the case and published last week by the Corporate Crime Reporter in Washington. ADM pleaded guilty to price fixing in 1995, and paid a $100 million fine. Last year, Michael Andreas was convicted of conspiracy to fix the price of the feed additive lysine. Sentencing was scheduled last month, but has been postponed. He faces a possible 36 months in prison and a $25 million fine.

Dwayne Andreas has been called the largest corporate-welfare recipient in the U.S., costing taxpayers over $40 billion from 1980 to 1995. The ADM patriarch— who has been a big contributor to politicians in both major parties, from Tom Dewey to Tip O'Neill to Hubert Humphrey to Richard Nixon— once said,"The only place you see a free market is in the speeches of politicians."

Before the tables turned: Clinton in '95 with (from left) Serbia's Milosevic, Bosnia's Izetbegovic, and Croatia's Tudjman
AP/Wide World
Before the tables turned: Clinton in '95 with (from left) Serbia's Milosevic, Bosnia's Izetbegovic, and Croatia's Tudjman

America's Chernobyl
Three Mile Island— It's Still With Us

It was 20 years ago this week that the accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in central Pennsylvania spread panic in cities throughout the East including New York, which was downwind from the plant. Despite claims from nearby residents that they became ill following the accident, anecdotal evidence of the births of mutated animals, and a recent study by Steve Wing of the University of North Carolina that found an increased incidence of cancer around the plant, the government has stuck to the line that not enough radiation escaped the facility to have caused widespread health damage.

As a result, people who claim to have been injured still wait for their day in court. Currently, personal-injury suits on behalf of approximately 2000 people remain on appeal. Frustrating the plaintiffs, federal district court judge Sylvia Rambo threw out most of their expert witnesses. Metropolitan Edison, which owned Three Mile Island, has paid more than $3.9 million in out-of-court settlements, many involving children, with the largest more than $1 million for a child born with Down's syndrome.

Originally promoted in the '60s as electricity "too cheap to meter," nuclear power has proved to be a costly disaster. Today there are 105 nuclear plants producing power at some of the highest electric rates in the nation. No nuclear reactors have been commissioned since 1973, and by 2035 every nuclear reactor currently licensed to operate in the U.S. is scheduled to be shut down.

Vicious Godfather Cleared
One Murder Solved, 54 To Go

Hardcore Clinton scandal aficionados were thrown for a loop last week by reports that Carl Derek Havord Cooper, 29, had confessed to murdering Georgetown Starbucks manager— and former White House intern— Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25, and two café employees in July 1997. Cooper's confession was contained in a police affidavit unsealed in Superior Court. He is being held without bond.

Scandal buffs had speculated that Mahoney might have been rubbed out because she was about to go public with details of the president's liaison with Monica Lewinsky. According to the theory, Clinton is the godfather of a "Dixie Mafia" with ties to drugs and money laundering. By one conspiracy count, 55 unexplained murders can be traced in one way or another to the president.

According to police, Cooper entered the Starbucks just after closing time, and ordered Mahoney to give him the keys to the safe. When she refused, he shot her and the other two employees, Emory Allen Evans, 25, and Aaron David Goodrich, 18.

Additional reporting: Ioana Veleanu

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