Who is Gunning for Ex-Farrakhan Spokesmen?

Khallid Muhammad says FBI warned aides about Nation of Islam Death threats

"Brother Robert said that Allah was his witness [and swore] on everything he loves that he had never in his life had one conversation with Rolando Moss," Quannel remembers. "He said that Rolando Moss had lied to us." Moss told the Voice he has consulted with Minister Robert over the years, but was unaware that the Nation of Islam had a mosque in Houston.

Quannel X believes that his troubles with the Nation of Islam stem from a 1995 feud after he condemned some Jewish leaders at a rally in Washington on the eve of the Million Man March.

Quannel and Khallid had been invited to speak at the Black African Holocaust Conference, organized by Khallid sidekick Malik Zulu Shabazz at Howard University. Prior to the conference, some Jewish activists condemned Shabazz for using the term "holocaust" to define the African slave trade.

Khallid Muhammad, with Talib Muhammad watching his back, at the Million Youth March last year
AP / Wideworld
Khallid Muhammad, with Talib Muhammad watching his back, at the Million Youth March last year

"I said that, according to Dr. W.E.B. DuBois and Dr. J.A. Rogers, we lost a conservative estimate of 150 million black lives in the Middle Passage," Quannel recalls. "I said if those Jews cannot accept the holocaust of losing 150 million, but we're supposed to show sympathy toward their holocaust, losing supposedly 6 million, they can go straight to hell."

Quannel's remarks were widely reported, and angered Farrakhan, who was accused of being unable to control the rhetoric of his ministers.

He says that about a week after Farrakhan's historic march on Washington, he was summoned to Mosque Number 45, where he was assigned, for a meeting. After he was suspended for 90 days, Quannel left the Nation.

Regarding the alleged threat against his life, Quannel declares, "If I'm afraid to do God's work, then I don't need to be doing God's work."

Additional reporting by Karen Mahabir

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