What has not been acknowledged enough is Kubrick's showbiz genius. He may have been an intellectual, but he was also a supreme entertainer who wanted to give his audience something dazzling each time out.

Kent Jones

Michael Atkinson replies: I was paraphrasing Valéry, for whom no poem was finished but only abandoned, and it still seems to me that Kubrick's films were often "finished" in surface only. And yes, the man was media shy, to his credit, but as with Garbo and Pynchon, reclusivity is its own special brand of public statement.

Slime Light

As a former New York City resident now living in Texas, I read Frank Owen's article about the Limelight club with great dismay ["Gatien-Gate," March 19]. The quality-of-life witch-hunts sweeping Manhattan have got to stop.

Politicians like Giuliani and community activists like Laura Michaels need to understand that nightclubs and bars do not cause drug-abuse and crime any more than flies cause garbage. It will be a great relief when these loudmouths have used up their brief period in the limelight and New Yorkers can go back to enjoying their freedoms.

Thomas Lacy
Houston, Texas

Frank Owen's article "Gatien-Gate" omitted a very important point: According to McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York, as decided in Belden v. State of New York Liquor Authority and Rios v. State Liquor Authority, there is no inherent right to a liquor license, inasmuch as it is a matter of privilege, which is afforded only to those of high standing and character.

I do not believe that Mr. Gatien deserves this privilege.

Marcia H. Lemmon, Chair
Ludlow Block Association

Jolting Joe

Allen Barra's article, "Legend in the Gray Flannel Suit" [March 16], was an odd read. I enjoyed it yet felt that it was so impartial as to be verging on pettiness. Even though I never had the privilege of watching Joe DiMaggio play, I respected and admired his legend. Barra was meticulous in recapping DiMaggio's professional highlights. Why did he switch to the lows when discussing Joe's personal life?

Steve Trosok
Montreal, Canada

Out Of The Park

Allen Barra's DiMaggio eulogy was right on the money and light years ahead of the soporific drivel of his competition. Even-handed, level-headed journalism.

Jack Krug
Madison, New Jersey

NYPD Nightmares

RE Peter Noel's article "Raising Patrick Bailey" [March 9]:

Patrick Bailey was my best friend. I was supposed to be in his basement the night he was killed by police, playing music and hanging out like we usually did on weekends. Instead, I went to a Halloween party with my girlfriend. I was supposed to go over to Patrick's house after, but I didn't because I was tired from partying. None of us wanted to be on the streets that night because we knew about gang-related problems and that extra police were on patrol.

I would like some justice for the friend I lost to the brutality of the police officers from the 75th Precinct. I still don't sleep right knowing that this is not solved.

Lloyd Francis

I was outraged to discover that the cop who killed Patrick Bailey has struck again. I knew Patrick from the time we were in high school together. He was a hard worker with a bright future— not the woman beater that city officials alleged.

Patrick could never hold someone hostage, as the police charged. I'm convinced that was just an excuse by the NYPD.

It is hard to understand how Kenneth Boss, one of the officers involved in the killing of Patrick Bailey— and now in the Amadou Diallo shooting— was allowed to remain on the force.

Nekiya Smith

Impeach This

Jason vest's article about the bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Sudan was excellent ["The Nose Knows," March 16]. This is the real impeachment issue that everybody should be discussing. I cannot believe the lack of attention to this outrage, and I hope Vest continues to pursue this story.

Edward Moisio
Cleveland, Ohio

Dusty Departs

I appreciated Barry Walters's tribute to Dusty Springfield ["Dusty in Heaven," March 16]. What a star Dusty was, and all the more interesting for being difficult.

And hey, what a look she had! Even to the end Dusty was obsessive about her appearance, appearing, as time went by, more and more the dignified but still glitzy, mature dyke. Barry Walters's article wasn't just a tribute to Dusty, but all the magic and wonder of pop music that sends us, on occasion, to a higher plane.

Nicholas Bates
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you for Barry Walters's article "Dusty in Heaven." As a heterosexual, I assure you that she was held in high esteem by not only gays and lesbians. She transcended all boundaries, and her voice was timeless.

Jim Pierson
Los Angeles, California


Re Austin Bunn's article "Beware All Ye Who Install Linux Here" [March 23], I've installed three different versions of Red Hat on a half-dozen machines, and it is a hell of a lot easier than installing Windows!

Bunn's problem sounds like a hardware-compatibility issue. That's Linux's real Achilles' heel right now— it won't run on any Intel box. But Linux runs, and runs damn well, on the vast majority of PCs. Moreover, once you get up the learning curve a little way, it is far easier to configure, operate, and maintain than any Microsoft operating system. In all fairness, Bunn should consider installing Linux on something other than a ThinkPad and writing about that.

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