A Wounded Mayor

Diallo Deconstructs Rudy's Racial Rule

The remaining five cases involved the kind of criminality Ognibene was referring to: Joseph Gasparro was shot trying to steal a police car and get away after a stationery store holdup. Carmine Capone, a gun dealer who'd already done two sales to undercovers, was shot after he and his partner figured out that one undercover was a cop and began to wrestle his gun away from him in the backseat of a car. Eugene Keenan pointed a shotgun at cops while fleeing a bank holdup. Paul Rizzo was killed when he and a companion tried to rob an off-duty cop on the street at 2 a.m. And Joseph Orlando was a crack-addled car thief with 16 convictions who cops said reached under the seat of a stolen vehicle when he was stopped. Three of the five died from a single police bullet.

Research: Camila Gamboa, Coco McPherson, Kandea Mosley, Soo-Min Oh, Ron Zapata —W.B.

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