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Plots thicken as gardens head for auction block

All of which suggests that if Giuliani can bend for DiBrienza— and for a garden that memorializes Hodges, who, as a Brooklyn Dodgers first baseman and later Mets manager, is probably also a nemesis to the Yankee-fan mayor— perhaps he can yield for other gardens as well. Maybe if one were named for Joe DiMaggio . . .

SRO Owner Set Back

Tenants of the Allerton Hotel, who worried that the city would cave in to pressure from their landlord, were relieved last month when HPD denied an application that would have allowed their landlord to profoundly alter the hotel. The decision douses the plans of Property Markets Group, a fast-growing developer that has acquired control of four single-room occupancy hotels like the Allerton in the last few years (see Voice, February 16). PMG wants to attract budget travelers rather than long-term, low-rent tenants.

PMG spokesman Ron Simoncini said the firm lost the application because of harassment that occurred before PMG took over the Allerton in mid 1997. In December, an HPD hearing officer recommended the application be denied, and last month, HPD commissioners agreed, with one exception: they concluded that a letter to tenants written by a PMG official was "patently offensive" but did not constitute harassment. Simoncini says PMG has no plans to appeal the decision.

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