Clinton Bombs Again

How the Air Strikes Destroyed Democratic Movements In Kosovo, Serbia, And Montenegro

This obviously is going to be difficult to accomplish without ground forces. However, unlike the Gulf War— fought on desert plains against apathetic conscripts— NATO forces will be in mountainous regions that lend themselves to guerrilla warfare, facing zealously united soldiers and paramilitaries. Perhaps sustained bombings will soften them up. But recalling the actions of the Serbs who left Sarajevo in 1995— they dug up their own dead and lugged the corpses over refugee trails rather than let them remain interred in Muslim-occupied land— it seems unlikely that a protracted ground war in Serbia and Kosovo will reflect the relative ease of reclaiming Kuwait. One has to wonder, in light of all this, just how festive NATO's upcoming 50th birthday party will be.


Research: Wayne Madsen and Ginger Otis

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