NY Mirror

On Divas Live '99, the bewigged trio of Cher, Elton John, and Tina Turner rocked on Elton's theme song, 'Proud Mary.'

In other diva gossip, that rumored Madonna­Ricky Martin duet is for real— it's called "Be Careful With My Heart," and the Victor Calderone remix was set to hit the clubs two minutes ago. I hear the shagadelic Madonna's also recorded two songs for the new Austin Powers flick. . . . Did you hear about the gay soiree that's had so many patrons overdose on GHB that they've rented out their very own ambulance to wait on call all night? It's twue, as Marlene would say. . . . That New York cover story by Vanessa Grigoriadis about power publicists has certainly had the power to change lives. My spies say the fictionalized movie it's being turned into is currently called It Girls, and Roger Kumble, who did Cruel Intentions, is adapting and directing. Why do I suddenly have a vision of Reese Witherspoon wielding a cell phone and a guest list?

The Artist Formerly Known as the It Boy— you know, Prince— is turning over a new purple leaf. The little one is going to be on the cover of Paper, and though he did make some demands— he wanted a name photographer, plus a woman or a person of color to interview him— the Paper folks say he ended up being even more of a doll than that purple Teletubby. See, when Prince got to the photo session, the name photog was busy finishing up a Wella Balsam commercial, but that didn't perturb our hero. Agreeably enough, he rode around in his little red Corvette and came back, only to find that the lensman was still tied up. Did Princey then go into a purple reign of terror? No, he said he'd simply drop by again the next day, and he did, posing for even longer than scheduled! It's enough to make you party like it's . . . whatever.

Alas, I'm only offered no-name photographers, so I'm outta here, but don't you fret. As they say in that epic of good effects and bad skin, The Matrix, "The oracle will see you now."

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