Dead Reckoning

Dr. K

Dr. Jack Kevorkian was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison last week, a term that at his age, 70, is virtually a death sentence. Are you in any pain?

imageEleanor Knowles
Resides:Salt Lake City, Utah

Do you believe in euthanasia?No, I don't. I believe they should die naturally. And I don't believe in intervention by medical people. If it's terminal, doctors should let them die in peace, with dignity.

Should Kevorkian go to jail?I don't know if you could stop him otherwise.

Should you have the power to end it all?No. But we've always had suicide. For me, it's not an option.

imageDiane Garrick
Resides:Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Do you believe in euthanasia?No. They should just stick it out. If God wanted you to die now, you would. You might get better. They might find a cure.

Should Kevorkian go to jail?Oh, yes.

How long? He should get life. He murdered people. He's not God.

imageChris Agnelli

Do you believe in euthanasia?Absolutely.

Should Kevorkian go to jail? Absolutely not. Not when the other person gave his consent. I'm disgusted by this. Legally, I understand why he has to go to jail, but steps should be taken to change the law. He's really a hero.

Should you have the power to end it all? Absolutely.

imagePilan Ramos

Do you believe in euthanasia? People have the right to end their lives if they're suffering.

Should Kevorkian go to jail? No.

Under what circumstances would you end your life?I wouldn't ever seriously consider ending my own life. Even if I was terminally ill.

imageAnnie Slater
Resides:Coney Island
Occupation: Executive assistant

Do you believe in euthanasia?Yeah. If a person is suffering for some time, that is not a life. I'm a cancer survivor and I know you cannot live while suffering.

Should Kevorkian go to jail?According to the evidence presented at the trial, it was warranted. When you live in the U.S. you have to abide by the law. He should have tried to go before Congress and change the law.

Should you have the power to end it all?No. Your life does not belong to you, especially if you have a family, and everyone comes from a family. You have to fulfill your destiny.

imageRoss Biernick

Do you believe in euthanasia? Yes. People should live and die with dignity. People do the same for their pets.

Should Kevorkian go to jail? Yes. I think he had to. He challenged the justice system and they had no choice.

Should you have the power to end it all?It's not even a right. If you're going to do it, it's going to be done.

imageRaphael Myrthil
Resides:Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Occupation:Fashion catalogue manager

Do you believe in euthanasia?Yeah. Everyone has their own choice to make decisions regarding their body.

Should Kevorkian go to jail?No.

Should you have the power to end it all?If you're just depressed, you shouldn't. That person just needs help.

Under what circumstances would you end your life?If there was no chance of me recovering. But if there was even just a slim chance, like I'd be in a coma for 50 years, I wouldn't.

imageRebecca Packer
Resides:East Village

Do you believe in euthanasia?Yes. The patient should have the right to die if the patient knows that all experts say it's terminal.

Should Kevorkian go to jail?What makes it difficult is I'm not sure what the patient's intentions were. If it's clear he wanted to die, then Kevorkian shouldn't go to jail.

Under what circumstances would you end your life?I'm one of those people who want to live no matter what. I had a brush with cancer 10 years ago, and never at any point in the process did I consider dying. From the core of my being I wanted to live.

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