Russian Roulette

Peace Moves Amid Belgrade Power Struggle

In Germany, Henrik Möbus of the band Absurd was jailed in 1994 for murdering a "leftist faggot." In Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind (Feral House, 1998), Möbus was quoted as saying, "We believe that National Socialism is the most perfect synthesis of will-to-power and neo-heathen principles & symbolism."

One of the most notorious racist teen crime sprees in the U.S. occurred in April 1996 in Fort Myers, Florida. As recounted in Moynihan and Soderlind's book, six high schoolers calling themselves Lords of Chaos burned down a Baptist church, demolished a construction trailer, obliterated a bottling plant by blowing up propane tanks inside, and then murdered a high school band director, shooting him in the face with a shotgun. Police said the group was planning to cap off the binge with a graduation party at Disney World, where they allegedly planned to steal life-size cartoon character costumes and kill black tourists with silencer pistols.

In an interview with the Colorado Springs Pit, an extreme-music industry magazine, Capricornus, a member of the Polish Black/Death Metal band Thor's Hammer, said, "Personally I have never hid my National Socialist and Heathen ideology... All actions that eliminate Catholic churches or the plague of negroidial [sic] creatures in spilled blood is acceptable."

A member of another Polish metal group, VELES, remarked: "White revolution will cleanse our scene!... We will take care of these Jew pigs once and for all with executions and ovens."

Elsewhere in the U.S. the neo-Nazi movement has recruited largely through skinhead music in a coalition between Resistance Records and the National Alliance—headed by William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries.

Slobo Straight Talk
Special Ops in Kosovo?

In his exclusive interview with President Slobodan Milosevic on April 19, Ron Hatchett of Houston's KHOU-TV speculated that U.S. and British recon units are in action in Kosovo:

Hatchett: "We've... heard rumors that your forces in Kosovo have already engaged in firefights with the special forces from the United States and special air services from the U.K. And have killed maybe 20, 24 of these kind of special soldiers that have come into Kosovo. Is this just a rumor or are these facts?"

President Milosevic: "You know, it is not black and white. I cannot tell you this is just a rumor or it is just a fact that is mixed. Some are facts, some are rumors. And it is so logical that NATO will not admit that. They have tried even to avoid to acknowledge killing all those refugees. But when they saw it was unavoidable they said yes, it happened... For the time being we have no foreign troops in our territory, even those specialists you have mentioned. We had several tries. All Albanian. Soldiers of Albanian army mixed with those bandits from Kosovo in the units composed of, let us say 1000 or 1000 and a half, to get to the frontier and to penetrate into territory of Kosovo and they were stopped by our army. They had very big losses."

Footnote: Sources in the Yugoslavian Supreme Command denied NATO claims that the army is using radioactive and chemical weapons. The command issued a statement over the weekend, declaring: "Yugoslavia does not have missiles or installations for the production of poison gases or chemical weapons, and its army neither has nor uses inhumane or banned weapons of war."

NRC Asswipes

At first, no one seemed to care. Two employees of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, identified only as Glenn and Pete, were riding the elevator at NRC headquarters when, according to the Washington Times, they observed a cleaning lady delivering stacks of low-cost toilet paper to restrooms in the agency.

One man said they noticed something odd: "a separate container with 'Charmin Big Squeeze,' the ultimate in softness." He added, "I asked what the Charmin was for. The lady answered it was for the... chairman's private bathroom." The NRC "chairman" is, in fact, a woman, Shirley Ann Jackson.

Firing off a protest memo to the NRC's Office of Administration, the men demanded their own soft toilet paper. "This is clearly an improper use of power," the Times quoted them as saying.

Finally, in the "spirit of partner ship," the NRC made the Charmin tissue available to everyone.

Research: Ioana Veleanu and Chris Bopst

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