Jagged Little Pills

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Last week, researchers claimed big improvements in developing new medications for patients with long-term depression; meanwhile, drug companies are making a move to market already available antidepressants for people who are socially inept. Got problems?

imageTom Purcell
Resides:Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Do you get depressed? More than most lately. My place burned down. I was on the streets for about a year. I just moved into a new place recently. I feel better now, but I have a hard time sleeping. I've been out on the streets too long.

What do you do?I just snap out of it. I was on Zoloft and Kalopin, I think it's called. It worked for me. They won't prescribe it for me anymore, though. So now, I just deal.

Would you consider taking medication?It helped me definitely. It was great.

What else would you like a pill for?Just something for depression-it's the main issue. It's half of people's problems.

imageTykia Moore
Resides:Jamaica, Queens

Do you get depressed? Yeah. Once in a while everybody does. It's part of life.

What do you do?Write poetry. It allows me to get out feelings that I can't get out to other people. I also listen to sad love songs.

Would you consider taking medication?No. But I choose not to anymore.

What else would you like a pill for?To stop procrastinating and to do my homework.

imageJoni Miller
Resides:West Village
Occupation:Writer-book editor

Do you get depressed? I'm relentlessly cheery. Big world events, Kosovo, depress me. Boredom depresses me.

What do you do?I'll bake. Shop. Read. The flea market. There's a very close relationship between the flea market and happiness if you're a junk junkie.

Would you consider taking medication?I'm practically a closet Christian Scientist. I was younger. It didn't hinder me in any way.

What else would you like a pill for?If they could come up with a really good pill to stop smoking, I'd take that pill. That would be the dream pill.

imageKenneth Green
Resides:Lower East Side
Occupation:Stocking inventory

Do you get depressedNo. I've always been happy.

What do you do?If I ever am, I'd probably play basketball. I play on the West 4th Street courts. It's intense over there.

Would you consider taking medication?No. I'd probably see a psychiatrist. But even if they prescribed pills, I wouldn't take it.

What else would you like a pill for?A pill to produce, like, twins and triplets. I've always wanted that.

imageRobert Pecoraro
Resides:Ridgewood, Queens

Do you get depressed? Yeah. Really often. Like every other day.

What do you do?Usually, just sit around thinking about things in the dark. Sometimes I get really violent, not towards other people, just break things. Just the other day I carved a scar into my arm. It relieved a lot of stress.

Would you consider taking medication?Oh, yeah. It wasn't prescribed, but Prozac. It works. Whenever I can get it.

What else would you like a pill for?Eternal youth.

imageEron Osbourne

Do you get depressed? I got depressed when my father and my aunt died a few years ago.

What do you do?I ate. I cried. I thought about the times we had. I looked at pictures. I stayed at home most of the time. It didn't help, but I had to get over it.

Would you consider taking medication?No. No pills.

What else would you like a pill for?Just something to give me good health, to stay healthy all the time.

imageRyan Roberts
Resides:East Flatbush, Brooklyn
Occupation:Account executive

Do you get depressed? Not really. You know why? I'm a spiritual person. My belief in my savior, Jesus Christ, makes me feel good.

What do you do?When I do get depressed, I take a step back, reassess the situation, and I call upon the Lord.

Would you consider taking medication?No.

What else would you like a pill for?This pill would eradicate the AIDS virus and all other diseases. Being in pain is no fun at all.

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