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The guy is such an omnipresent party presence that his name— Alan Cumming— even sounds like an R.S.V.P.

A walker— who was cute— helped me to the H. Stern­Fosse party at Sardi's the next night, where the fabulous Alan Cumming was expected, but when isn't he? The guy is such an omnipresent party presence that his name— Alan Cumming— even sounds like an R.S.V.P. That other very visible diva, Elton John, was set to do a benefit for the University of Wyoming this past week, in light of the Matthew Shepard murder— yeah, there was a press release— but activist Bill Dobbs points out that the school doesn't even have a nondiscrimination policy!

The good news for diva followers is that Madonna doesn't discriminate against Deborah Harry. She told Cathay Che, author of the upcoming Harry tome Platinum Blond, "I was hugely influenced by Debbie when I started out as a singer and songwriter. I thought she was the coolest chick in the universe." Responded the ever-cool Deborah, "Mmm. I haven't thought of myself as a chick in some time . . . but the universe is a good reference."

Chicks with dicks were ready to flog the guests to another universe at the Candace Bushnell dinner at Justine's— the s&m boite where, alas, dominatrices can't pull their subjects' pants down as they paddle them. (Oh, thanks, Rudy, you wouldn't want to offend the patrons at a bondage restaurant!) Anyway, it's a good thing our puritanical mayor couldn't hear the party talk that night. Bushnell told me that the next season of her Sex and the City HBO series will be "edgier," and supervising producer Jenny Bicks confirmed that, telling me, "We've got dirty-talking guys, guys who like porn, Gay Straight Guy, Mr. Pussy (who only pleasures women orally), and guys who like it up the ass but won't say they like it. Every straight guy wants something up the ass, but won't say he likes it." I know, dear, I know.

Finally, no connection here, but everyone's been cha-cha dancing around Ricky Martin's sexuality, but I hear he's OK with it and even saw Get Real, the coming-out movie, with his Wilfredo. I'll send you a release.

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